What is Outline VPN and what is TelegaVPN for?
Outline VPN is a free VPN with no traffic restrictions. A simple open source application for computers and mobile devices provides individuals with secure and anonymous access to the Internet. The official website of the project - https://getoutline.org

The convenient Outline client allows you to provide access to your VPN to all network users. Install the application on your computer or mobile device to protect yourself and your data when working on the Internet. To connect to the server, use the unique access key generated in the TelegaVPN Telegram bot.

With our service, you can use the Outline VPN server provided by other TelegaVPN users. Look how easy it is!

Attention! Our service is not related to the servers that are represented in it. Technical support of servers is provided by their owners. VPN servers are not recommended for downloading torrents - this can lead to blocking of the server and your account in the system.
TelegaVPN News
Follow the news in the Telegram channel https://t.me/telegavpn_news
Connect to our Telegram bot
To do this, follow the link https://t.me/telegavpn_bot
Get key
In the main menu, click Keys and then click the Get Key button
Select the server geolocation
From the list of servers, select the one with the desired traffic limit and geolocation
Connect to VPN
The bot will send you a key look like ss://Y2hhY2hh…GJ5ektFc0E@toronto.telegavpn.org:31024/?outline=1. Click on the key and it will be copied to the clipboard. Install Outline VPN application for your device, press Add server and paste key from the clipboard. Click Connect and enjoy free access to information
Test the servers presented in our service
To get the key, you can use any one-time email service - for example WWPager
By email you will receive a key from a free server with a traffic limit of 2 GB, which will be valid for 7 days
If you want to get paid VPN access, use our Telegram bot https://t.me/telegavpn_bot
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